Client-side Streaming SDK Degraded Performance - ap-southeast-1 Region
Incident Report for LaunchDarkly
On 10/5 from 4:05 AM to 5:05 AM UTC, 90% of client-side stream requests in the ap-southeast-1 AWS region were rejected with a 503 error. The client-side streaming SDKs would have kept retrying until a streaming connection was established. Polling and server-side SDKs were unaffected.

For new streaming connections, the impact is that flag payloads would not be available until the connection was established.
For streaming connections that were already established and needed to be re-established, the SDKs would have kept their most recent state in the local cache but would not receive any updates until the connection was established.
For the JS SDK, initial flag payloads would have been available but subsequent updates would not be received until the connection was established.
Posted Oct 04, 2022 - 22:00 PDT